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Free Technical Support

We have a team of professional and enthusiastic technical engineers. If you encounter related technical problems, you can contact our technical department for free consultation, we will help you solve the problem online. Even if you are not our customer, we will actively give you a helping hand.

Suggestions for Product Improvement

We provide cuutomers with style design and model customization of special products to meet personalized needs. If you have good design suggestions for the appearance of the product, please tell us, we will be grateful.

After-sale Service

◎ Within the Quality Assurance Range of Product Commitment, if quality problems arise, you can contact our after-sales department for free replacement.

◎ When customers encounter other related problems, We will also provide technical support to actively assist customers to solve problems and minimize accident losses.

◎ Technical engineer of our service departments guarantee a response within 12 hours. If countries and regions are closer to China's time zone, we can guarantee a response within 6 hours.

◎ Our factory attaches great importance to the service to customers, therefore, strict rules and regulations have been formulated for this purpose. If you thick the after-sales service is not very well, please contact for a complaint.

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ST52 Wear-resistant Concrete Pump Pipe
ST52 Wear-resistant Concrete Pump Pipe
Single Flange End Hose
Single Flange End Hose
Twin Wall Hardened Concrete Pump Pipe
Twin Wall Hardened Concrete Pump Pipe
Casting Elbow
Casting Elbow

The company was founded in 1997. We specializing in the manufacture and export of spare parts and pipeline system of concrete machinery more than 22 years, products kinds are complete. We possess rich production and international sales experience, a large number of advanced equipment and technical personnel.

Ensuring construction safety is an ironclad rule that everyone must abide by.

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